braga photography is located in upton, ma

| covering boston, massachusetts in general and pretty much anywhere in new england |

there is no rewind button in life!  my job is to help you remember something the way it truly happened.  photographs are nostalgic, inspirational and emotional.  they allow you to relive a moment in time.  it's why i truly love what i do.  they are footprints i get to leave on this earth.  

my approach with any realm of photography.. portrait, corporate event, head shot..is to let you be you.  i think there is this pre-conceived notion of how a family portrait or a corporate head shot should look, but in the end it should reflect who you are. be genuine.  no need to succumb to the norm! 

be true to yourself.

as for me, i'm a simple gal.  when i was 30 i wanted to be a national geographic photographer and travel the world.  when i was 35 i became a mom to an awesome kid named Travis - someday we'll travel to all the places i haven't been yet with him!  i've been a vegetarian for 30 years -  i love animals (we have a dog, 2 cats, a three legged bunny, 2 beehives and 4 fabulous hens)!  i have a wicked Boston accent that i have learned to embrace.  i am a DIYer to a fault.  i am a bread and font snob.  my dad was my hero.. he's gone now but he always taught me to think outside the box - to create - to be original.   i look forward to growing old with my hubby, Jonathan.  he grounds my crazy self and inspires me to document life.  

to document YOU and the world around us.